Executive Production/Development
PBP began and originally cemented its reputation as a production house. Over the past decade as the company has grown, so has its relationships within the Live, musical and branded entertainment industry. A large part of our business now stems from internally generated concepts and pitches as well as from developing and putting together deals for and with outside strategic partners.

Producing concerts, television performances and commercial projects has always been and will continue to be the main focus for PonyBoy Production. Much of the work PBP does for clients is to handle and oversee all elements of the production process, including management of the creative, crew and budget for an entire project.

Post Production:
Both the New York and California offices are post production facilities. At the request of our clients, the majority of our projects are finished in house by our post production team.

Tour Directing:
PBP founders often take on dual roles as tour managers, tour directors and production managers. However, in recent years, the demand for their creative style and cinematic eye has given them the opportunity to focus creatively on more projects solely as production designers.